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Sustainable Travel & Transport Consultants

Providing Deliverable, Compliant Transport Advice

Most new developments and many redevelopments need travel plans these days.  It makes sense as we try to live sustainably and reduce our carbon footprint.  At iRIS Sustainable Planning, Alex, your transport planning consultant, will provide a fully compliant, no fuss, fast turnaround to your travel plan needs. 

Alex is a specialised transport consultant and is an associate of the Chartered Institute for Transport and Highways (CIHT).  As such she is committed to ensuring that the highest standards are met in each travel plan or transport statement produced for you.

If you're looking for a BREEAM TRA01 and TRA02, Alex will work alongside you to develop the best plan to suit your site, helping you gain the maximum possible credits your site can achieve.

Based in Preston, Lancashire, iRIS Sustainable Planning provides consultation services across the north west region and throughout the UK.

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